*First 48 hours are critical*

Serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas

Corrin 412-670-1715 or Dawn 412-628-2840



(Non-Profit Organization to help find your dog)


Consultation Services

*Get the important information right away! The first 48 hours are critical! Get the information to get your furry family member home.

Flyer Services

*Get the information out to the public. The public will be your best resource!

*You will need multiple copies for distribution. A picture of your pet will be required.

Flyer Printing and Distribution

*Via Email

*Direct delivery

*Printing-We can print for you if you choose

*Distribution-We can assist with getting the flyers hung and handed out if you choose

Surveillance Services

*Thermal Imaging

*Night Vision



*With this service the pet owner will be given specific instructions on maintaining the trap and assumes responsibility of the daily functions of the trap.  These are humane box traps and will not harm your pet. We have traps available in different sizes to accommodate your needs.